Modway Gear Modern Farmhouse Cross Back Solid Elm Wood Dining Side Chair With Rattan Seat In Gray

Evoke rustic remembrances as you sip a leisurely tea or hearty breakfast.With an open wooden backrest and tapered legs, the chair provides that country charm without compromising on modernity. The chair comes fully assembled and is a pleasant addition to country cottages, rustic environs, or any urban dweller in search of a respite.

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Zinus Farmhouse Wood Dining Table/Table Only

With painted legs and base and neutral wood tone surface the Zinus farmhouse dining table will add country style character to your kitchen. Easy to assemble in minutes with sturdy wood construction for durability and long lasting use. Worry-free 1-year warranty.

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Blane Farmhouse Cottage 3 Piece Natural Walnut Finished Rubberwood Table and Bench Set

A homage to rustic simplicity, this dining table and bench set is everything you need to transform your home. Crafted according to timeless, exacting standards from the highest quality materials. You’ll love this piece as much as we do.

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