Outdoor String Lights LED 48 Feet Advanced Weatherproof Design Connectable String of Light,15 Heavy Duty Hanging Socket -E26 for Porch Patio Garden Backyard

Durability,Heavy,sturdy and hold up all climate,Longevity,Efficiency,Low cost,They are easy to hang because hanging points on the string,The perfect lighting to enjoy dining and BBQ,for patio,backyard,garden.Hanging outdoor string lighting is an easy project,but does require some planning.You need the right product,the right tools and a design in mind.

UL Approved for Outdoor Use,Bulb Type: ED Filament Light Bulb,Base:Standard E26,Voltage:120V,Wattage:2 watts,Luminous Flux:150 lm,Color Temperature:2700 Kelvin,Light Color: arm White,Material:Polycarbonate.

Box Contents:

15 x S14 2-wattage LED Bulbs

48-Feet Heavy Duty Strand


Longevity:One of the biggest advantages to LED lighting is its longevity.LED light bulbs that we sell are rated for approximately 25,000 to 30,000 hours* of use.

Efficiency:Lower energy usage is another distinct advantage with LED bulbs.For example with string lights,a 25 watt incandescent bulb can be replaced by a 1 to 2 watt LED bulb. That lower wattage means lower energy usage which has a direct correlation with energy costs, particularly with multiple bulbs.

Low cost:While LED bulbs may cost more to begin with,the combination of the low energy usage and the longevity of the bulb, eans that they are actually less expensive than incandescents in the long run.LED bulbs will pay for themselves within a couple years.

Durability:Another advantage is particularly of value for string lights or light installations that may involve exposure to the elements.LED lights are made from a tiny chip encapsulated in an epoxy resin,rather than a very fine metal filament enclosed in glass.Because they don’t use the same fragile components,LEDs are much better able to stand up to vibration:shock and temperature extremes.

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Ottomanson Royal Collection Traditional Oriental Floral Design Area Rug, 5’3″ X 7’0″, Seafoam

Inspired by antique traditional and contemporary designs, Ottomanson Royal Collection offers exclusively elegant area rugs featuring intricate oriental and delicate modern patterns in rich color pallette to add charm and character to your space. The timeless floor coverings of the past are reimagined for a glorious regal look that will instantly stand out and impress your guests. This rug features an ornate traditional oriental design mimicing a timeworn antique Persian rug in the elegant hues of main seafoam and small pops of dark-red in the middle background composing a blend of vintage and updated flair. The adorning all-over floral motif of this ornamental vintage rug is completed with the rich grounding border in a tan tone of beige for a unique look and aura that will embellish the decor and furniture in your home or office. This budget-friendly yet luxurious-looking rug brings the world charm to your house without paying a fortune. Dense construction ensures durable and long-lasting service; and the utilitarian low-profile pile, made of premium quality polypropylene, provides stain and fade resistance as well as shed-free performance, which all make this rug suitable for even the most high-traffic areas at your house with breeze-like maintenance. Contrary to the conventional thought, these timeless traditional rugs are ideal for casual living spaces as well as luxurious living rooms. They will suit most home decor and stand out as the favorite piece whichever room you choose to place it in. Set a rug from Ottomanson Royal Collection to your living room, dining room, bedroom, hallways, office or even the most high-traffic areas and embellish your space with its sophisticated and authentic look. It will be more than worth the price and exceed your expectations. Ottomanson earned customers’ spurs and has been a trusted brand for unparalleled quality and style in the area rug category.

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FurnitureR Set of 4 Dining Chair Tulip Natural Solid Wood Legs Design with Cushioned Pad Armless Lounge Chairs Kitchen White

Add comfortable, sophisticated seating for a formal or casual dining room with these dining chairs.
Modern Elegant Design Premium Plastic and Wood Soft Cushion Pad.
It’s not only strong and good looking, but with its colours it will make every space alive.
Solid shock resistant solid beech wood legs, greater support than normal chair, Ultra-stylish and surprisingly comfortable.
The cutting edge design of these chairs mean that they are a stylish addition to the home or office and fit in with any table, be that wood, glass or metal.
Side chairs is perfect for a small family in a modern home or a forward-thinking business looking to upgrade its office facilities or client-facing waiting areas.

Package included: 1 Set Dining Chairs ( 4 pcs )

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