Ottomanson Royal Collection Traditional Oriental Floral Design Area Rug, 5’3″ X 7’0″, Seafoam

Inspired by antique traditional and contemporary designs, Ottomanson Royal Collection offers exclusively elegant area rugs featuring intricate oriental and delicate modern patterns in rich color pallette to add charm and character to your space. The timeless floor coverings of the past are reimagined for a glorious regal look that will instantly stand out and impress your guests. This rug features an ornate traditional oriental design mimicing a timeworn antique Persian rug in the elegant hues of main seafoam and small pops of dark-red in the middle background composing a blend of vintage and updated flair. The adorning all-over floral motif of this ornamental vintage rug is completed with the rich grounding border in a tan tone of beige for a unique look and aura that will embellish the decor and furniture in your home or office. This budget-friendly yet luxurious-looking rug brings the world charm to your house without paying a fortune. Dense construction ensures durable and long-lasting service; and the utilitarian low-profile pile, made of premium quality polypropylene, provides stain and fade resistance as well as shed-free performance, which all make this rug suitable for even the most high-traffic areas at your house with breeze-like maintenance. Contrary to the conventional thought, these timeless traditional rugs are ideal for casual living spaces as well as luxurious living rooms. They will suit most home decor and stand out as the favorite piece whichever room you choose to place it in. Set a rug from Ottomanson Royal Collection to your living room, dining room, bedroom, hallways, office or even the most high-traffic areas and embellish your space with its sophisticated and authentic look. It will be more than worth the price and exceed your expectations. Ottomanson earned customers’ spurs and has been a trusted brand for unparalleled quality and style in the area rug category.

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  1. Mendedheart says:

    Looks terrible after one spill of water! Update:Well, I’ve changed my original five star rating, drastically, to one star because of one small spill! We had about a half of a glass of water spilled on the rug, and even though I soaked it up immediately, the whole rug buckled around this spot. There are now wrinkles and ripples everywhere, and they won’t come out. I’m so disappointed.If you plan on putting this rug anywhere that liquid can come in contact with it, I do not recommend!!!!!Original…

  2. RoxyBo says:

    Studda Bubba’s rug This rug transforms your space into your grandmothers ol’ upstairs bedroom. It definitely has that “I’m from the old country and I brought this rug with me” look to it. If you’re looking for your house to feel like an old ethnic tomb then this is the rug for you! Its soft enough for a thin polypropylene rug I suppose. Since I got this rug so cheap I threw it in our foyer which literally no one ever uses just to try to block some of the cold air coming up from the basement. I still…

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