Mysky Home Twigs Fashion Design Print Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain with Grommet Tops for Bedroom, 52 by 84 inch, Dark Grey – 1 Panel

Mysky Home Leaf Design Print Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain Panels offer you privacy and style. These super soft thermal insulated blackout curtains will bring an expensive look to your homes. Keep your home decor under wraps with these thermal, insulated blackout curtains. The leaf design printed pattern on these curtains will add dimension and style to your bedroom, living room or any room that is in need of decoration or light coverage. Because of the blackout feature, these curtains are energy efficient adding to better temperature regulation of the room.

We offer these curtains in 6 colors featuring 8 grommet constructions on each curtain to create a rich pleated design. These print blackout curtains are perfect for: Late sleepers, shift workers, children, seniors, Infants, parents, Students, computer operators. Best to hang in your living rooms, nursery room, bedrooms, kitchens, sliding glass doors and even offices.

They block outside light, noise and helps you save on the heating and cooling cost in any room. The blackout and noise reduction create the quietest atmosphere for a great nights rest, with peace of mind offered by the blackout material.

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  1. Never Too Old To Learn says:

    lovely fabric, really blocks sun and heat This curtain comes as one panel, so if you need two, remember to order two of them. I thought I could get away with only one panel because the window was small, 36″ x 39″, and yes, the 52″ width worked just great. This curtain is really lovely. It is a little dressy, but very tasteful. I needed to block out the hot South Florida sun in my laundry area, and this works very well. Of course, the curtain didn’t come in the odd size that I needed, so I cut off the top part with the…

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    Fabulous I used to have virticle blinds that were bulky and I hated them, they were loud, ugly and would leave a glare on the television during the day. My room is east facing, so it is very sunny during the day. These curtains were a great purchase!! They are very soft and and look more sophisticated than I expected they would. I chose the blue, I was nervous how they would look in person since you can never really tell how something looks over the internet. In person the background is a sandy-tan…

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