Heyesk Dining Room Chair Set of 2 Mid Century Modern Kitchen Chairs,Upholstered Seat(Grey, 2)

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    Product Packing Dimensions
    Length: 73cm, Width: 50cm, Height: 50cm,
    Please check the Product Dimensions on the left pictures carefully before ordering.
    Our products are perfect for any office environment, and any home situation.
    Ergonomic design, matte Finished plastic seat.
    Black Strengthened Steel Frame, extremely sturdy and durable.
    Mid Century Modern Style, prefect for home and office use.
    Light weight; Home easily pre-assembly required.
    Bend-resistant high quality back.
    Passionate Red ;Energetic Yellow; Fresh Green; Elegant Blue
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    Assemble and Install
    It is important that any product which is assembled using any kind of screw is re-tightened 2 weeks after assembly
    and once every 3 months- in order to assure stability through-out the lifespan of the product.
    In order to avoid scratching this furniture should be assembled on a sofa layer-could be a rug

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    Our products are ergonomically designed
    And all have national patents
    Combined with Chinese advanced manufacturing technology
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    1. Anonymous says:

      Solid quality, sturdy, comfy, functional, and practical! I do have pics of the box before I opened it… not that much opening was required because there were huge holes in it and I’m very surprised nothing fell out. This attests to the quality of internal packaging I guess. It looked as if someone in shipping taped an old box back together and then threw it out of a plane over the delivery site. I cannot believe nothing was broken. This must attest to the sturdiness of the chairs. I was relieved to find nothing damaged. However, one leg was not like…

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