Aroma Housewares AEW-305 Electric Wok, Black

This sleek metal wok from Aroma is designed to heat up quickly and retain its extreme heat as you cook; sealing in the flavor of your foods for professional results, every time. Full range temperature controls give great versatility. To make clean-up as easy as operation, the inside of the wok and domed lid are nonstick coated. Not just for stir-fry, it’s also great for braising, steaming, and tempura. It’s everything you need to make all your favorite modern and traditional Asian foods.Going to Mongolian grills and watching them prepare stir-fry right in front of you is always a treat, and now you can provide your guests with that same excitement with this electric wok. Simply put the wok on the table; let guests choose their favorite vegetables, meats, and tofu; and then get the dinner party livened up with some quick wokking right there! (Keep in mind that although the handles and base are heat-resistant, you’ll probably want to set the wok on a cutting board to protect your tabletop.)

With a nonstick interior surface that heats up oil in a lightning-fast three minutes, the wok features a low-to-high continuous temperature control, giving you precise control over your cooking. Select a high temperature for lightning-quick stir fries, or the lower “warm” setting for serving. With a 6-1/2-quart capacity, it’s easy to feed four or more. The nonstick interior is just right for cooking veggies and meats with less oil, although you’ll need to avoid metal cooking utensils that could scratch the surface. Since the wok is not immersible, cleanup takes a bit of time with warm soapy water and a sponge. A lid and one-year warranty are included. –Ariel Meadow Stallings

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Missed opportunities The wok works well for small batches. A few improvements would have made it much better:1. It is too shallow. It is hard to stir and toss foods such as rice without spilling them out of the wok.2. Although the handles stay cool, the screws that hold them to the hot brackets are not recessed enough to keep them away from your fingers.3. The temperature dial is too close to the hot bowl, so it is difficult to turn it without singeing a finger on the bowl.4. The dial is…

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